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    Meidefeng Yinhong weaving

    Hangzhou Xiaoshan Yinhong Textile Co., Ltd. (meidefeng Yinhong textile production base), established in March 2001. The registered capital of 5 million, is a belonging to meidefeng textile and Garment Group of professional, high-quality, innovative textile production enterprises. The company mainly engaged in chemical fiber cloth, blended fabric weaving and perennial with a large variety of specifications T / R, yarn count, can be in the production of a variety of different varieties Yang viscosity, Tencel, fabric, hope the broad masses of customers to come to order. We have Japan Tsudakoma air-jet looms ZEX-e 100 units, Toyota rapier loom 610 Series 50, 710 series of 48, the staff of more than 300 people, annual output of more than 30 million meters of cloth. Annual sales income of about 10 billion yuan.

    Yinhong textile since its inception, has been adhering to the "high-quality, environmental protection, high efficiency and low consumption," the operating principle, adhere to continuously improve product quality, improve economic efficiency, efforts to speed up the equipment renewal and transformation of the pace, increasing the level of technical equipment, overall in the industry-leading level. We are very focused on the textile equipment selection and procurement, to ensure that each of our products to achieve "high-quality, environmental protection, high efficiency and low consumption," the operating principle. Over the years, our factory has been working with the world's leading textile manufacturers, the existing equipment and testing instruments include: Japan's Tsuda Ko jet loom ZAX-e 100, TOYOTA 50 series, 610 series, 710 series 48. More than 200 employees, annual output of more than 3000 meters of cloth.

    Strategic thinking to create a full Yinhong textile company brand image. For decades, our company no matter under the planned economy system, a branch of thriving, or under the system of market of private enterprises, products has always maintained a in Changshu region industry leading position.

    Yinhong all the year round for many large well-known Chinese and foreign clothing enterprises to provide technical and product support, we strive to satisfied the customers with the professional service attitude, and establish long-term partnership.

    Director speech

    Welcome to our website. I wish to extend my sincere thanks to all the leaders and colleagues from all walks of life who care, support and help me over the years!

    Yinhong textile factory is a professional manufacturer of textile, both a long history, and a solid theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience of the technical backbone of the team and staff. More than ten years of development laid the Yinhong in a solid foundation in the production link of textile, textile machinery quality Yinhong products won the widely recognized by the market, good faith management quality created products of excellent quality. Looking to the future, we will pay to pursue "high-quality, environmental protection, high efficiency and low consumption," the operating principle, integrity of customer service, and seriously practice the enterprising, Yinhong textile factory more perfect quality, the broader market, better and continue to work hard.

    Finally, warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to our factory to exchange technology, business negotiations.

                                                                                                   Yinhong textile factory director: Zhu Dingrong

corporate culture

Business philosophy: "Lee from the honest, the reputation of the letter from the"

Business purposes: "integrity, innovation, quality, service"

Management policy: "quality, environmental protection, low consumption and high efficiency"

Operating slogan: "leading the innovation of textile production"

Business objectives: to do strong bigger, take the international route

contact us

Address: Hangzhou City, Xiaoshan Province, Zhejiang Town, the town of Feng Sheng Village

Zip code: 311243

Person in charge: Zhu Dingrong

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