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    MeiDefeng textile and garment Creative Park in Keqiao Economic Development Zone in the urban road to the north, Shangfangshan Avenue South, invested by Zhejiang Nafunafu Garment Co., Ltd. built to do. Total investment of the project is $28 million, of which $25 million of fixed assets investment, the registered capital of $26 million 380 thousand.

    The project covers an area of 59235 square metres, fold 88.85 acres, 4410 165.7 thousand square meters with a total construction area, the project will be mainly the introduction of flat, color machines, copy machine, buttonhole machines and other equipment, after the completion of the project will form an annual output of 15 million pieces of apparel (sets) of production capacity.

    Construction unit: Zhejiang Nafunafu Garment Co. Ltd.

    Construction project name: new plant

    Construction planning permit: 2009 Zhejiang and the number 00014

    Rule total land area: 60635 square meters

    Planning net land area: 26964.53 square meters

    Total construction area: 173917.57 square meters

    Building main function: production workshop

    Virtue Feng clothing brand construction, the park will actively adopt computer aided design, seamless sewing, automatic monitoring, computer suspension transmission control, stereo ironing, and other advanced technology and equipment to strengthen, improve clothing design and production of information and the level of equipment; guide the garment industry to fashion, function, urbanization, brand oriented development; cultivate the independent brand clothing, to speed up the clothing accessories professional market construction, to create a national important apparel production, processing and export base. In addition, the virtue Feng Textile and garment creative park will set up a new R & D center of textile fabrics, including the following main functions:

First: raw material product function innovation, such as the development of green environmental protection, health care function of textile raw materials; the second: Innovation of product applications, such as the traditional cloth made of semi finished costumes with simple garments production procedure is introduced. Formation of a DIY creative products with; third: product brand building innovation, such as brand clothing and some, for the clothing brand specially designed a fabric, to improve the clothing of the differences of the competitive capacity of the and to end consumers established textile brand. This is not only conducive to the clothing brand to create product competition differences, but also in the hearts of consumers to establish a fabric manufacturer's brand, improve the irreplaceable fabric.

    Meidefeng textile and garment Creative Park, will give full play to the cross-border market, talent, capital, information and other advantages, to "optimize the structure, enhance the innovation and service, promote the brand" for the principle guide textile industry transfer to the field of high-end, to accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading. And the introduction of foreign advanced technology and new materials research and development company, with the textile enterprises in Shaoxing for docking. By foreign institutions to provide their basic technology, Shaoxing textile enterprises to provide practical application of the field of R & D, the various out of the director, reduce risk, share the profits of consumer segments. Finally, Shaoxing textile enterprises to establish their own technical advantages and technical team, has its own R & D center of textile products. Then, Shaoxing textile enterprises will really have independent of textile products and the intellectual property rights, improve the product cannot be replaced, which can be used with the international top fashion brand and home textile brands, in terminal market establishing textile brand and reputation, and ultimately improve corporate profits and competitive advantage of industry chain.

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