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    Agency (Agency) is a businessman in many countries are engaged in import and export business habits with a trade practices, in the international market there are numerous agents.

    In the foreign trade of our country, in order to expand the export trade, meidefeng Textile Group now worldwide seek agency business relations of cooperation, relying on official agency agreement, and the third party enlisted with many countries and regions of the merchants established correspondent banking relationships. Many countries, especially the civil law or commercial law of the developed countries usually have a variety of provisions in the agency business, and even some countries have developed a special agent, the agent has also been defined. It is generally believed that: in the international trade agency business is refers to the trustee for party and independent agent for the other party, in the appointed area with the owner's name and capital engaged in business activities. Agency agreement based on proxy service.

    According to agency regulations in developed countries, the agent is an agent I (principal) in accordance with the authorization (authorization) on behalf of himself with the conclusion of the contract or other legal acts, the rights and obligations of the resulting directly to my effect. Therefore, the agency and underwriting comparison, it has the following basic characteristics:

    1, the relationship between the agent and the client is a business relationship. Agent in the agency business, but on behalf of the principal Act, such as to attract customers, solicit orders, on behalf of the client signed contracts of sale, handle the entrusted goods, accepting payment for goods, he does not in itself as a party to the contract involved in the transaction.

    2, agents usually use the client's funds to conduct business activities.

    3, the agent is not in its own name and the third signed a contract.

    4, the agents earn a commission.

    General agent

    General agent is the principal representative of the principal in the designated area. In addition to his right to represent the client for the sale of contracts, processing goods and other business activities, but also to carry out a number of non commercial activities. He has the right to appoint an agent and to share the agency commission.

    Exclusive agency

    An exclusive agent is an agent in a designated area, by which he acts as a sole agent. The client shall not authorize any other agent in the designated area. Therefore, in the export business, the use of the exclusive agent in this way, the principal to give agents in a specific area and within a certain period of time to sell the franchise specified goods. However, it must be pointed out that with the exclusive franchise with underwriting is not the same franchise. Usually, unless otherwise agreed by the agreement, the client may also allow the client to make a transaction directly to the buyer in the designated area. In order not to harm the interests of the sole agent, some provisions of the agreement, where the entrusting people directly with the designated agent in the buyer a deal of, still to the exclusive agency shall accrue Commission.

    Commission agent

    Commission agent, also known as general agent, refers to the same agent in the area, time and within the time limit, at the same time there are a number of agents acting on behalf of the agent. Commission agent according to the actual amount of selling goods or way under the provisions of the agreement and the percentage of received the Commission to the principal, the principal can be directly with the region's actual buyer transaction, there is no need to commission agent commission. In our country's export business, the use of this agent is more.

    Agent requirements

    1, there is a certain customer resources

    2, there are entrepreneurial enthusiasm

    3. Good English foundation.

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