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    Meidefeng, is a traditional textile industry the forefront of enterprise, we need is not only skilled assembly workers and salesmen, but with creative ideas of "cultural workers", which is a very interesting and ruminate career, so you have to fully to go to.

    Talent idea

    Meidefeng for talent is defined as having both ability and political integrity, Zonta still used. The company pays attention to the cultivation of matching core values of every employee's professional ethics and professionalism, with perfect vocational training, career development and transfer, promotion mechanism and system, to inspire their creativity, motivating them to wisdom and the pursuit of excellence.

    Talent resource vision:

Virtue abundance is a happy big family, and every employee here is a family member. The company is committed to creating and continuing to optimize the family positioning and matching system and system, and constantly improve the level of governance, so as to ensure that every family member can enjoy the work of happiness!

    Human resources team's mission is to uphold the above principles, the construction of effective mechanism:

    Full respect for the value of employees and the contribution to the enterprise

Every employee has the freedom to express suggestions and grievances through healthy channels.

To make an important contribution to the family members, will receive the company's honor and reward

Pay attention to the career development of family members, to provide fair employment, long-term cooperation, sustainable development platform and opportunities.

Not only to help them get rich, but also to help them gain achievements, they will work and live in this big family proud.

    Group's long-term desire to love fashion home and abroad to join the big family. We respect the value and individuality of each employee, and accept the diversity of employees with an open and tolerant attitude. We are willing to appoint a person who has a sense of mission, responsibility and the courage to take on the task.

Employee quality: the ability to be creative, self disciplined and take risks

    Work attitude:

    "To believe that textiles are the most creative work in the world, because there are many rules and principles, and they are rarely limited."

    Employee mentality:

    "Can bring happiness to the world, the negative in the line of sight away, with a smile to others."

Compensation and benefits

    In order to attract, motivate and retain talent, to achieve a win-win situation of enterprises and employees, the virtue of Feng Textile Group to provide comprehensive, competitive salary and welfare system.

    Competitive salary

    Compensation incentive:

    Meidefeng provided with external competitiveness and internal fairness of the salary incentive, in the short-term, medium-term and long-term incentive combination to realize the unification of individual value and enterprise value, and outstanding single mechanism to realize win-win of enterprises and employees.

    Perfect welfare

    When multiple benefits:

    Meidefeng five insurance and housing provident fund statutory benefits, while providing enterprise annuity plans for employees, in addition, virtue Feng also provides employees with a wealth of enterprise benefits and flexible benefits.

    This good plan:

    In order to ensure employees in virtue of Feng happy work, happy life, in addition to competitive salary and virtue Feng also for employees to provide composed of rich characteristics of the project of "virtue plan", such as: employee health management, children's education, and personal growth lectures, fashion lectures, reading room of the library.

    After the employee care:

    Including new employee care and employee care.

    When life balance plan:

    In order to balance the relationship between work and life, the virtues of Feng, in addition to providing paid leave for employees, but also to provide staff with a variety of career related training, as well as rich life salon project.

Note: in addition to this, the virtues of Feng will also increase other benefits in accordance with the strategic needs.

    Training development

    Meidefeng Textile Group through cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known textile colleges and garment colleges and universities, in virtue of Feng Textile and garment Creative Park listed the virtue Feng University ", provide training to employees for all kinds of textile and clothing innovative projects, is committed to train a large number of top textile clothing talent, in virtue of Feng Industrial Park construction study and practice teaching base, cultivating innovative talents in the textile industry. At the same time the industrial park will attract fashion and fashion talent to achieve the ideal of clothing brand, industrial park will provide a considerable opportunity for all kinds of designers. These talents will play a huge role in the construction of the national brand of clothing.

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